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ASR's Kindergarten Observation Form

The Kindergarten Observation Form (KOF) was developed in 2001 to help fill an information gap that still exists in many areas today: the preparedness of children to smoothly transition into kindergarten. The tool was originally designed around the National Education Goals Panel’s five dimensions of kindergarten readiness, and measures key motor, self-regulation, social emotional, and academic skills.

Using a blend of observational and test-based assessment techniques, the KOF and its preschool version, the Pre-Kindergarten Observation Form (P-KOF), have been validated against other evidence-based measures of child development, such as the Woodcock Johnson III, Expressive One Word Vocabulary Test, Brigance K-1 Screens, and the Pre-K and Kindergarten Behavior Scales.


Five different longitudinal studies have shown that the KOF predicts 2nd and 3rd grade academic test scores. (For more information, please see the Psychometric Fact Sheet.) The tools have been used in over 18 counties in California, as well as in Arizona, North Carolina, Montana, Missouri, and Illinois.


ASR provides a variety of data reporting options, depending on your needs:

Classroom/School/District Report: This report includes a snapshot of child and family characteristics and readiness for individual classrooms, schools, or a district.

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Interactive Dashboard: An interactive Tableau data dashboard which summarizes child and family characteristics and readiness and allows the user to view data by various characteristics, such as family income, race/ethnicity, zip code, or school.

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Data Snapshot: A brief infographic or report summarizing school readiness data for a community or data on a special topic, such as resiliency, social emotional learning, or equity.  

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Comprehensive Report: Typically a 30-50 page report, this product contains the full results of sophisticated analyses, such as regression modeling to identify the child and family factors that best predict readiness and a cumulative indexing of factors to identity the “recipe” that matters most for readiness in the targeted community. 

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Executive Summary: In Word or PowerPoint form, a brief summary of the major study findings. 

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