Susan Brutschy


Susan Brutschy co-founded Applied Survey Research in 1981 with Sociology Professor Dane Archer of the University of California Santa Cruz. She is the current President of ASR and has been leading hundreds of evaluations, assessments and strategic planning processes in the areas of community quality of life, early childhood development, domestic violence, child abuse and maltreatment, early literacy, K-12 education, and homelessness. As President of ASR since 1989, Susan Brutschy has expanded ASR's work to national and international prominence. In 2006, ASR won a prestigious award from the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS). According to the AACS, the Community Service Award was given to ASR "for its outstanding work in applying its data collection, analysis, reporting, and management skills to addressing homelessness and other social problems." In 2007, ASR and the United Way of Santa Cruz County won a national award from the Brookings Institution for having the best indicator project in the country, the Santa Cruz County Community Assessment Project (CAP). 

Over the last decade, Ms. Brutschy has pioneered an outcomes framework for ASR's work in community assessments, evaluations and strategic planning processes. The outcomes framework is known as Results Accountability (RA) and was created by Mark Friedman of the Fiscal Policies Institute. The goal of the framework is to begin with the outcomes that a community would like to achieve such as All Children are Ready for School, Children Live in Safe and Stable Communities, or Residents Have Access to Affordable Housing. Once a community agrees upon its desired outcomes, Susan Brutschy and ASR staff use Results Accountability to develop the right methods to achieve those ends. The framework also works for individual programs and for program evaluation. Ms. Brutschy has successfully lead many projects using Results Accountability including the award winning Santa Cruz County Community Assessment Project (CAP) which functions as a community report card with over 135 indicators, First 5 Santa Cruz County to benefit children ages 0-5 in low income communities of color, and Kindergarten Readiness Assessments in Alameda, Santa Clara, San Francisco and San Mateo Counties. 

Susan Brutschy helps community members to use their data to improve their communities. Her belief is that data should not sit in binders on shelves collecting dust, but rather that data should act as a catalyst for change in communities. She has helped communities in California, Arizona and Alaska to achieve improvements in the areas of health, domestic violence, child abuse and maltreatment, early childhood literacy, drug and alcohol abuse and school safety. 

In addition to her work at ASR, Ms. Brutschy enjoys reading about the history of ancient Egypt, international travel, and camping with her husband and four adult children. Ms. Brutschy graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz, with highest honors in Sociology, and was the recipient of awards for her research in designing and implementing quantitative assessments of community opinion for the Social Research Unit.