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Sara Strickhouser, PhD

Project Manager

Dr. Strickhouser came to ASR in April 2021 and supports both quantitative and qualitative data collection methodology, from planning to execution. She has ten years of experience in research and evaluation and has worked closely with many nonprofit and government agencies, assisting them with scientifically measuring program success and turning data into actionable steps. Currently, she teaches statistics, research methods, and Sociology of Health at Western Washington University.

Dr. Strickhouser’s published works include a 2019 book titled Hunger in the Land of Plenty: A Critical Look at Food Insecurity and several peer-reviewed publications across topics including child mental health, oral health, and program evaluation. In addition, she has presented at numerous conferences nationwide including the Pacific Sociological Association in Oakland, CA.

In addition to her work at ASR, Dr. Strickhouser enjoys time at the beach with her family and performing music at local restaurants. She holds a PhD and MA in Sociology from the University of Central Florida and a BA in Latin American Studies from Stetson University.

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