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Alyssa Mullins, PhD

Project Manager

Dr. Alyssa Mullins is an applied sociologist based in the Sacramento office. Since joining ASR in 2021, she has actively contributed to strategic plans, annual evaluation reports for First 5s, and a recurring evaluation of efforts to reduce disparities among African American infant and child deaths. She has also worked with partners to streamline and strengthen data collection to ensure accuracy, consistency, and reduce burden on data staff. Additionally, she prepares interactive data visualization tools, as well as an exploration of community-wide indicators of interest and disparity calculations.

She received her Master’s in Applied Sociology and PhD in Sociology from the University of Central Florida. Past research and published works include assessments of youth and family homelessness, personal impacts of intentional childlessness on work, relationships, and obtaining care from health providers, and exploring nursing workforce shortages as a public health crisis. She is passionate about data-driven interventions to support families and communities, as well as communicating data in easily digestible and understandable formats for audiences of all skill levels and expertise.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her partner and dogs, crafting, traveling, and exploring local markets, coffee shops, and music venues. She also creates media, moderates workshops, and provides technical support for a local music production/recording studio.

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