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Christa Bixby, MA

Senior Planning Analyst

Christa joined ASR in 2024. She comes from a background in higher education, specifically focusing on the domains of TESOL and academic writing. She comes from a wealth of international experience, having lived in six countries throughout her tenure in education. Her educational journey has been marked by a dedication and commitment to fostering equitable education and engaging students with innovative instructional methods. Over time, Christa advanced into administrative positions where she gained experience in strategic planning, data-driven decision-making, evaluation planning, and project management.


Christa is currently working on research related to the equitable use of AI in education, focusing on the integration of it in higher institutions of learning.


In her free time, Christa enjoys woodworking, practicing yoga, throwing pottery, and learning every and anything new. She classifies herself as a life-long learner, one who is inspired by all that the world around her has to teach us.

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