Santa Cruz County Community Assessment Project

How is CAP data being used?

  • Goal setting
  • Strategic plan development
  • Expansion planning
  • Grantwriting support 
  • Presentation development
  • Local reporting
  • Program planning
  • Product development
  • Single source for many secondary data sources
  • Topic specific profile development
  • Resource tool as a community snapshot
  • Understanding community needs for action
  • Initiative measures, evaluation, and advocacy
  • Community benefit reporting
  • Aligning with Social Determinants of Health
  • Viewing trends over time
  • Tracking disparities among different profiles (ethnicity, income, etc.)
  • Championing causes and raising awareness

The Community Assessment Project (CAP) is a multi-year initiative to measure and improve the quality of life in Santa Cruz County. ASR was contracted by the United Way of Santa Cruz County to conduct this longitudinal community assessment. Specific activities have included quality-of-life indicator creation, in-depth telephone surveys (conducted in English and Spanish) of over 700 local residents annually, extensive data compilation and analysis, and facilitation of a collaborative of over thirty community organizations.

Year 22, 2016 -

Past CAP Comprehensive Reports (2003-2015)

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