Paige Combs

Research and administrative assistant


Paige Combs has been working at Applied Survey Research since January of 2016. She graduated with her B.S. in Sociology concentrated in Community Change in December 2015 and she has experience working with quantitative and qualitative data. She is especially passionate about research work surrounding education, nutrition, and the media.

Paige has become familiarized and adept working with report proofing and writing, interviewing, data entry, and assessments. At San Jose State University she collaborated on multiple assignments with Dr. Faustina DuCros transcribing data and doing extensive transcript proofing and coding processes for the Louisiana Migrants Research Project. Her primary motivations throughout her experiences both educationally and through her life has been to ‘aspire to inspire’ which she has done by being an avid volunteer and blogger for San Jose’s Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful organization with the head organizer Deb Kramer. She also displayed this through her efforts and volunteer work she pursued while studying abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand during the summer of 2015 where she worked on an organic farm called Pun Pun and where she taught monks English.

Not only is Paige extremely down to earth and has a willingness to research and explore data, but she also truly wants to experience the world around her and understand it from an alternative perspective. Paige dreams about one day obtaining her doctorate degree as well as having the opportunity to write her own book and even speak at a TED Talks. When Paige isn’t volunteering, working, or going to school you’ll often find her riding her bike through Henry Cowell Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains, playing disc golf at DeLaveaga Park, cooking her favorite vegetarian meals, gardening, or enjoying a coffee with her loved ones. Ms. Combs resides in Felton with her boyfriend and their recent addition to the family Lucky, a cute lab and golden retriever mixed puppy.