Homeless Census Process Results in Success Stories

We’ve already heard great reports from some of our guides and volunteers who helped us in our projects. Many volunteers who participated in the count reported it was an eye opening experience, and their experience inspired them to do more for the homeless community. Todd*, a guide, reported he was able to use his money from participating in the census to get the tools and boots required for his new job, a goal that would have been unreachable without his work on the census. Jenny* used her money to get a haircut before several job interviews. We’ve received many such stories from our partners and it’s always thrilling to hear firsthand accounts of positive changes throughout the community.

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ASR Completes Six Homeless Counts Across California

During the last 10 days of January, ASR helped to conduct homeless counts in 6 communities across California, including San Francisco, Monterey and San Benito, Santa Clara, San Luis Obispo, Sonoma, and Santa Cruz. In most counties, ASR worked with teams of volunteers and homeless individuals who acted as guides canvasing every street in the county, usually beginning at 6 am. ASR pioneered this method of combining a volunteer from the community with an individual currently experiencing homelessness, relying on their knowledge of homelessness to provide an accurate count. In exchange for their help, the homeless guides are paid for their work.

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