County Health Rankings and Ways to Improve Community Wellbeing

California Map of County Health Rankings

View information by county on the health outcomes in your local area with the recently released 2017 County Health Rankings. The County Health Rankings is an easy to use tool that allows comparisons of counties within a state. It provides information and data on factors communities can affect change on. There are over 30 factors, which include employment, education, housing, safety, access to healthy foods, children in poverty, and more.

Did you know that in the United States there is a 15 year difference in life expectancy based on where you live, your income, education, race, and access to health care? The good news is that not only can you view where your county ranks but your community can use the data to improve your rankings. For example, in Santa Cruz County ASR partnered with the Youth Violence Prevention Task Force to turn the curve on youth violence, which is noted in the Santa Cruz Sentinel for its efforts to decrease the number of “disaffected youth” or disconnected youth to 8 percent, one of the lowest rates in the state. In Santa Clara ASR partners with many organizations including the Children’s Agenda Vision Council to collaborate and assess vital issues. Santa Clara County continues to rank as one of the highest overall in the state for health outcomes. According to the Fresno Bee, “The healthiest counties in the 2017 report were San Mateo, Marin, Santa Clara, Placer and Sonoma.

ASR’s 5 Steps to the Cycle of Continuous Community Improvement

Communities vary significantly and as a result the efforts to improve health and wellbeing also vary. As all of the factors that affect wellbeing cannot be approached in a prescriptive way, our team has created ASR’s 5 Steps to Community Transformation: Collaboration, Data Collection, Reporting, Action, and Sustainability. With shared visions and commitments to improved wellbeing, working together yields meaningful and measurable results. ASR has seen this model work with Community Assessment Projects, Community Health Needs Assessments, and other community projects and reports. Please contact us if you are interested in more information about how ASR is helping to attain wellbeing for all via assessing and improving, and sustaining your community’s wellbeing.

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