Community survey of nearly 800 Santa Cruz County residents released today!

Today marks the release of the 23rd annual Santa Cruz County Community Assessment Project (CAP) featuring a community survey of nearly 800 of the county's residents. 

The CAP project is the longest community-led and sustained study of well-being in the country, reporting approximately 200 measures over 80 indicators to aid community improvement for county-level change. ASR has served as research partner and steering committee member to the CAP since it was first released in 1994.

In 2016, the CAP began the process of realigning the six original report domains to associate with the 5 areas of the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). Beyond the integration of SDOH national measures and objectives, Healthy People 2020 targets are also highlighted, offering context to what is happening at the local level. 2017 has marked the culmination of these alignment efforts by transitioning away from the original six sub-sections to organize the report fully by the SDOH areas.

Beyond a traditional PDF download, the exclusively online comprehensive report (including infographic executive summary) is presented for browser viewing using a responsive, interactive online viewer to mimic the experience of flipping through a book. This experience is  completed with dynamic content links and keyword search capabilities.

ASR also makes data profiles available each new survey year across the following dimensions: overall, ethnicity, age, gender, region, and income. New in 2017 are the inclusion of two new profiles, one by housing status and the other by parental status. To enrich the experience of exploring the survey data, ASR is presenting the survey profiles as user-friendly, dynamic dashboards to enable easy, interactive viewing of the data results.

With the use of an easy dropdown menu, visitors will be able to quickly learn that:

  • Only 83% of Latino respondents were able to receive the health care they needed in the past 12 months compared to 91% of white respondents;
  • 68% of respondents ages 65 and up reported answered between 8 to 10 on a life satisfaction scale where 10 is your best possible life as compared to 52% of respondents ages 18-24;
  • 37% of male respondents felt better off financially this year over last year, compared to just 28% of women respondents;
  • 89% of respondents earning $75,000K or more felt they have someone they can turn to when they need help compared whereas 68% of respondents earning $34,999 or less felt this way;
  • 8% of renters have family members or friends that experienced domestic violence or intimate partner violence in the past 12 months, two times that of homeowners at 4%; and,
  • Half (51%) of South County respondents reported they were concerned about gangs in their neighborhood, compared to 39% of North County respondents and 16% of San Lorenzo Valley respondents.

ASR is excited to offer new approaches to more deeply engage with the CAP report and  survey data to maximize the utilization of the CAP to drive change in Santa Cruz County. 

Explore the CAP!

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