ASR and the Youth Violence Prevention Task Force

Recently the Criminal Justice Council (CJC) of Santa Cruz County officially adopted the Youth Violence Prevention Task Force’s (YVPT) report on the ongoing issue of youth violence in Santa Cruz County. Created in 2012 by the CJC, the YVPT brought ASR, the United Way of Santa Cruz County and Santa Cruz County Probation together to define the scope of the problem and to create a roadmap of towards a community where its youth are free to successfully transition into adulthood in a safe and empowered manner.

The next few weeks will be an exciting time for the YVPT. The final report will be ready for dissemination and will outline the extent of youth and gang violence in Santa Cruz County as well as potential solutions. The report will advocate a multi-spectrum approach and will lay out recommendations for reducing and eliminating youth violence at the neighborhood and community level. Stay tuned to hear about the strategic plan and its recommendations for Santa Cruz County.  


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