Data to Action, Part 4

What is the Impact of the Great Recession on Children? 

It's big! The Great Recession that began in 2008 and the following aftermath are having an extraordinary impact on America’s children, an impact comparable to that of the Great Depression on the children who grew up during the 1930s. The cohort of children who were born in 2008-2009 is the first to have lived their entire short lives under this economic shadow. 

Recent research shows that the economic climate has taken, and continues to take, a measurable toll on these children and their families. In fact, some research indicates that parents don't need to be experiencing actual economic hardship to be stressed and anxious about the economic climate. Then these anxious parents pass the stress along to their children, who then exhibit higher behavioral problems and lower achievement.  

When ASR conducted school readiness assessments of kindergarteners in one affluent California County in 2013, we saw lower scores in self-regulation (things like controlling impulses, following directions, negotiating solutions, playing cooperatively, handling frustration), than we had in prior years. We then looked into research around the country about children whose parents were experiencing a direct economic hit and children with parents who were just anxious about the economy. Even among children whose parents were just worried about the economy, there was higher child anxiety, more trouble getting along with others, and children were more withdrawn.  

Check out more of the research from this link

How are children in your community doing? For more information, or to conduct a school readiness assessment, please contact Jennifer Van Stelle

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