Moving Data to Action

Data to Action Series: Part 1 

ASR Helping Partners to Move from Data to Action

ASR’s mission is to help partners build better communities. Our partners have asked us for more help with how to move from data to action. This e-news focuses on how some of our partners have taken Community Assessment data and made changes in their communities. ASR believes that to move from data to action, you need:

  1.        Good quality reliable data
  2.        Strong leadership
  3.        A focus on results
  4.        A sustainability plan
  5.        Align program efforts with community efforts

The 5 Steps of ASR’s Community Assessment Model

ASR has designed a 5 step process to conduct our Community Assessments, Needs Assessments, and Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA). Check out the visual below and follow along when your community !


What are 8 Things You Can Do with Your Community Assessment Project Data?


San Luis Obispo County has used their Community Assessment data which is known as Community Vital Signs: Understanding San Luis Obispo County to:


  1. Create more after school programs for children.
  2. Create an Affordable Housing Trust Fund to provide loans to build more affordable housing units.
  3. Support funding for a low cost dental clinic.
  4. Support case management for individuals who were previously homeless and are now housed.
  5. Create a day-long conference about seniors which led to the creation of “Good Neighbors”-a program to match volunteers with seniors to help combat isolation and help seniors accomplish some necessary daily tasks.
  6. Launch town halls about how much alcohol youth were drinking as compared to parental perception of their drinking—a big disconnect. These conversations led to action, and now alcohol use is down for youth.
  7. Set grant making and program priorities for the Community Foundation of San Luis Obispo County, as well as many agencies, and non-profit organizations.
  8. Add new questions to the community assessment telephone survey to know how residents are using parks, recreation, walking and biking trails in order to improve the built environment. 


The community assessment project is overseen by ACTION for Healthy Communities, a collaborative of individual agencies and public and private organizations committed to improving the overall quality of life in San Luis Obispo County. For the last 15 years, ASR has collected the data for the reports. Please visit the website to access the reports at: contact Abbie Stevens at ASR: 831-728-1356 or

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