ASR Launches Global Consulting to Help Build Better Communities Around the World

Everyone needs good data!   
When it comes to building stronger communities anywhere in the world, the need for high quality data is the same.  Every community needs an accurate portrait of its quality of life, a shared sense of the most pressing issues for its vulnerable populations, concrete strategic plans to address those community needs, participatory program planning and evaluation, and data that help us understand where our efforts have been successful and where we have fallen short.   

As community researchers, ASR has a lot to contribute to community development efforts across the globe, and in turn, we know there is so much that we can learn from the international aid community about what works to support the empowerment of vulnerable populations.   We’ve always enjoyed being a conduit for moving from data to action, and now we’re extending our reach across the globe.   

We can’t “go global” alone.  ASR has teamed up with a seasoned, globally-positioned team of professional development practitioners with decades of experience working in international nongovernmental aid organizations, or INGOs.  The combined team, called ASR Global Consulting, is committed to helping communities, aid agencies, and governments to analyze problems and implement lasting solutions that create resilient communities.  

Our new ASR partners live here:


We’ve got a diverse team of community development experts.  Our consulting team is culturally diverse and interdisciplinary, and has hands-on management experience in nearly all corners of the world.  Many of our team members have had decades-long careers in Plan International, one of the world’s largest child-focused International NGOs, and ASR’s Lisa Colvig-Amir also worked for Plan International Indonesia in the 1990s.   In addition to ASR’s Susan Brutschy (President), Lisa Colvig Amir (Vice President of Evaluation), and Penelope Huang (Director of Research), the ASR Global Consulting team includes:

1. Chris Soebrot Netherlands.   Chris has 32 years of experience in community development and environmental sustainability.  He has worked with Plan Netherlands for 22 years and with Plan International in Indonesia and Colombia for nearly 10 years. His areas of expertise are Child Centered Development, children’s publications, community-based renewable energy development and sustainability analysis and reporting.  Chris also founded, specializing in environmental sustainability.

2. Menno Gibson Thailand/Netherlands.  Menno worked with Plan International for 11 years, both in Netherlands as well as in Sri Lanka, and with Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ head office for 11 years. Menno’s focus has been on child rights and protection, humanitarian aid, organizational capacity building and improvement, strategy development, and intercultural communications.

3. Nicolaas (“Klaas”) van Boeckel Netherlands.  With his engineering background, Nicolaas excels at linking programs and technology, process with content, and theory with practice. Nicolaas has worked with large international development organizations such as Plan International and Heifer International, humanitarian organizations, as well as with universities and research organizations.

4. Charles Donmoyer Charles has over 30 years of management experience in grant development, writing proposals, grant implementation, tracking and reporting on grant activities (20 of these years working with Plan International USA, China, Ghana, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan).  

5. Anibal Oprandi Bali, Indonesia.  Anibal devoted decades of his career to helping Plan International (Indonesia, Pakistan) improve the outcomes for children and their families in the most impoverished areas of the country.  An architect of community development, he pioneered an approach called Community Based Project Management (CBPM) which involved families creating and overseeing village planning committees.  Families and other village representatives defined their own needs, built their annual budgets, and oversaw the implementation of Plan-supported projects in their village.  A skilled trainer and facilitator, Anibal also has significant expertise in organizational development, human relations, and communications. 

6. Hemachandran Seshadri India.  Hemachandran (“Hema”) is a qualified accounting and audit professional with over 30 years of experience spanning accounting, auditing, IT Management, administration, financial controls and budgeting. Hema has worked with both “for profit” and International NGOs.

7. Horacio Torres Philippines/Canada. Horacio has over 36 years of management experience in community development, including 26 years with Plan International (1986 to 2013) in countries such as Guatemala, the Philippines, Ecuador, USA, India, Pakistan, Thailand, El Salvador, Peru, Nicaragua and Panama. In addition to management experience, Horacio has substantial experience in the areas of government relations, resource mobilization, strengthening networks and collaborations, microenterprise, and family welfare.

Here’s how our team can help you:

  •   Proposal writing
  •   Community needs assessment and asset mapping
  •   Topical expertise in child rights, gender equity, environmental sustainability,  microenterprise/ small business development, health, education, and agriculture
  •   Strategic results planning for regions, agencies, initiatives and programs
  •   Grant portfolio development for funders
  •   Participatory program planning and design
  •   Inter-cultural communications
  •   Curriculum development and training
  •   Participatory monitoring and evaluation
  •   Cost-benefit, return on investment (ROI) analysis
  •   Results-focused reporting (dashboards, scorecards, issue briefs, technical reports, and media events) 

How may we help?  To learn more about this new team, or refer us to other partners who may be able to use our help, please contact Lisa Colvig-Amir (  

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