Partner Appreciation


The work ASR does regularly brings us in contact with outstanding organizations and individuals. It allows us to see countless examples of positive action that benefit a wide array of people and communities. As part of our mission to help make better communities, we’d like to recognize one of our local partners, Phil Kramer, for his exceptional work. 
Mr. Kramer is the Project Director of Project 180/180, a multi-agency initiative with the goal of placing 180 of Santa Cruz County’s most vulnerable homeless individuals into permanent housing by July of 2014. As of February 2014, Mr. Kramer and his team have successfully found housing for 135 of the over 900 chronically homeless in Santa Cruz. By relying on the past successes of permanent supportive housing and fostering an atmosphere of cooperation between agencies, Project 180/180 and Mr. Kramer have been an invaluable contribution to the Santa Cruz community. Phil has successfully navigated complex systems, reorganizing our system of care for some of our communities most vulnerable.  His success is no doubt due to his “can do” attitude, his spirit of collegiality and recognition of others' contributions.
 “The 180/180 campaign is possible because of the many agency partners who are committed to helping our most vulnerable, chronically homeless neighbors on a path to housing stability, health, well-being and community integration. Sheltered or not, we are all neighbors, and connected in our shared experience of living together in the true spirit of community,” said Mr. Kramer. 
Thank you to Project 180/180 and Phil Kramer. If you'd like to learn more about project 180/180, visit their website here



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