Community Assessment Project 2014

On Monday, ASR celebrated the Santa Cruz County release of its 20th annual Community Assessment Project (CAP) at Cabrillo College. Speakers, including Craig Haney and Gary Griggs from UCSC and MariaElena De La Garze of the Community Action Board, presented findings from the various sections of the comprehensive CAP report. Following the presentation, community heroes were recognized with certificates from Congress, the State Legislature and the County Board of Supervisors. The Santa Crurz County CAP is the 2nd longest running community assessment project in the nation and provides an unparalleled look at the status and history of Santa Cruz.

Some of the findings from this year’s CAP include:

  • Median sale price of homes increased to $535,000 in 2014
  • Unemployment has been decreased over the last 3 years and was 6.8% as of June 2014
  • 72% of Latino survey respondents reported being obese, compared to 58% of white respondents
  • The crime rate decreased from 39.7 per 1,000 residents in 2007 to 34.3 in 2014
  • The number of certified organic farmers has increased by 61% since 2006.

If you’d like to view the comprehensive report, visit our website at

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