An Education Report for the Coconino Region of Northern Arizona is a Catalyst for Change

The 2013 Coconino Community Education Report has now reached the Governor of Arizona’s desk. The report provides a comprehensive profile of education for students in both public and charter schools in Coconino County, a region of Northern Arizona. According to Kerry Blume, President and CEO of the United Way of Northern Arizona (UWNA), The Coconino Community Education Report is a catalyst for social change. This report sets in motion a clear agenda for our community to change the educational outcomes of our students.”

To create the report, ASR partnered with the Coconino County Superintendent of Schools, the UWNA, and the recently formed Coconino Community Education Advisory Committee, a committee of educators, administrators, and business and community members. The region used ASR’s kindergarten readiness assessment to get the first ever view on children’s readiness for kindergarten in Northern Arizona.  Coconino County Superintendent of Schools Robert Kelty was particularly struck by the kindergarten readiness data in the report showing that only 43% of kindergartners were deemed ready for school, “With the research so strongly pointing to kindergarten readiness as a key indicator of school success and improved life outcomes, it is imperative that our communities focus on early childhood education as the foundation to vibrant K-12 pipelines."

The report also highlights data for three Coconino community hubs so that targeted action can be developed for each hub. When asked about the uses of the report, Superintendent Kelty said that schools, non-profits, government agencies, and businesses are using the report to guide and focus their initiatives to yield change, “If we are successful, Flagstaff and Coconino County will be known for putting education as the foundation to economic and civic development, poverty elimination, and community and family vitality.”

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