ASR has been helping to assess children’s readiness for kindergarten for over a decade, and we are delighted to announce that our ©Kindergarten Observation Form has been used in over 47,000 assessments throughout counties in California, Illinois and Arizona. Some of the reasons school administrators, First 5 Commissions, foundations, and non-profit organizations use ASR’s School Readiness Model include the following: 

  • Use the data to track county-wide trends in children’s readiness, in order to celebrate successful readiness methods and/ or to stimulate targeted investments in programs, systems or policy change.
  • Use the data to “look backward” to determine which local community, demographic and family factors contribute to children’s readiness.
  • Use the data to “look forward” for ways to positively influence children’s trajectories, including using the data to understand which students need the most help or which skill areas more support to narrow the gap between children.

Are you interested in tracking school readiness in your community? ASR can help you in one of two ways: 1) ASR manages the assessments for you from beginning to end (includes teacher trainings, packet distribution, packet completion monitoring, data entry, data analysis and reporting) or 2) ‚You manage the assessments with some technical assistance from ASR. Additionally, we offer an online data entry and scoring system to facilitate the process! To see our fact sheet, click here.

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