Meeno Gibson, MS

Senior Consultant

Menno Gibson has 22 years of experience developing and managing international development programs.  Mr. Gibson worked with Plan International for 11 years, both in Netherlands as well as in Sri Lanka. After Plan, he worked with Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ head office for 11 years, with very frequent travel to Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh), Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Mali, Guinea) and South America (Bolivia, Brazil, Peru). His responsibilities included grants management, portfolio management, project cycle management, capacity building, partner assessment and organizational improvement.  Throughout his work, Menno’s focus has been in the areas of child rights and protection, humanitarian aid, organizational capacity building and improvement, strategy development, and intercultural communications.  Menno’s key methods and expertise are in areas of project cycle management, proposal writing, operational auditing, monitoring and evaluation, and partner assessment.  Menno is versatile and flexible, observant and perceptive.  He is able to motivate others as well as to listen.  

Menno has a Master's degree in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and a diploma in “Children Youth and Development” from the Institute of Social Science, Erasmus University, Hague. He also has several diplomas in project cycle management and evaluation.