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James Connery, MBA

Project Manager II

James Connery came to ASR in 2010 and has contributed to Community Assessment Projects throughout California, Arizona, and Alaska by collecting both secondary and primary data and collaborating with members of communities to develop meaningful data that best serves the needs of ASR clients.  In addition to his work on community assessment projects, he has worked on needs and assets reports of children ages birth through five in nine regions of Arizona. He has also worked on homeless census and surveys throughout California providing clients with valuable information for decision making.  James also provides operational and technical support to ensure employees throughout the company are equipped with the infrastructure needs to work efficiently and effectively.  


James is an avid Bay Area sports fan and loves to see how statistics are increasingly used as an integral part of sports performance evaluation.  James is always interested in finding new and creative ways in which data are presented and used. When James isn’t working, he enjoys playing recreational league softball, and spending time with  his wife, their three kids, and their golden retriever.  


James earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Arizona, and graduated from California State University: Monterey Bay with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. 

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