Our Story

ASR is a social research organization dedicated to helping people build better communities since 1980. We help communities to measure and improve their quality of life. We help organizations to measure and improve the impact of their services. 

Areas of Expertise - The Work We Do

ASR has a strong history of working with vulnerable populations such as young children, teen mothers, seniors, low-income families, at-risk youth, veterans, and persons experiencing homelessness.

ASR has extensive experience working with public and private agencies, federal and local government, health and human service organizations, cities and county offices, school districts, institutions of higher learning, and charitable foundations.

Our Approach

Results Based Accountability
ASR uses Results Based Accountability (RBA) framework to identify relevant evidence-based outcomes and strategies towards collective wisdom

Institutional Review Board
ASR's Institutional Review Board (IRB) ensures that our research adheres to the highest standards of protection for human subjects and helps to ensure that the vulnerable populations are protected and included in our work

Participatory Evaluation and Facilitation
ASR is a leader in participatory evaluation and is also an expert in facilitation of diverse populations, having facilitated large and small scale community meetings, focus groups, and program meetings, as well as town-hall meetings

Involved at All Levels
ASR is a leader in all levels of a community change. We have broad experience working with partners at the local, state-wide, nation-wide, and international level. Most recently, ASR has been the invited guest at global community impact events in South Africa, India, Turkey, Israel, and the United Kingdom.

Turn Data into Action
ASR helps its partners to turn data into action so it can be used by stakeholders and the public. 

In short, ASR's partners can expect to work with a team that expertly blends academic research practices with the practical knowledge held by our study populations and partner staff. The fact that more than 90% of ASR's consulting contracts come from repeat clients or client referrals is a testament to ASR's ability to ensure satisfaction with our research services.


Our staff is comprised of over 25 individuals across our Central Coast, Bay Area, and Sacramento locations. We have persons on staff that are bilingual/bicultural in Spanish and additional staff who speak Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Indonesian. We also work closely with partners for other frequent languages, including Vietnamese.

Applied Survey Research is always seeking cover letters and resumes from highly qualified individuals to join our dedicated team of researchers and evaluators. Interested applicants can submit their materials to careers@appliedsurveyresearch.org.