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Juliana Huaroc, MPA, MA

Senior Research Analyst II

Juliana joined ASR in November 2019. As a Senior Research Analyst II at ASR, Juliana has contributed her expertise as a bilingual, community-based researcher and evaluator, to a variety of program evaluations and community-wide needs assessments, with partners seeking to improve the lives of historically marginalized communities including, system-impacted youth and adults, people with mental health and substance use disorder needs, and people experiencing homelessness. She possesses lived experience and content expertise in the unique needs of Hispanic/Latin(o)(a)(x)(e) communities disproportionately affected by U.S. immigration policy. Juliana is skilled in qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including research design, data collection and analysis, and report writing, as well as evaluation planning, implementation and ongoing project management.

Juliana earned a Master of Public Administration and a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies from San Diego State University, where she focused her thesis research on the invaluable contribution and key role of rural women as seasonal agricultural workers in Chile’s fruit export industry. During her graduate studies, Juliana worked as a researcher in the San Diego-Tijuana border region, uplifting the stories and struggles of asylum-seekers and migrants in the United States, including individuals and families held in detention facilities and released by federal authorities onto San Diego’s streets. Juliana also holds a BA in Political Science and Religious Studies with a minor in Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Outside of ASR, Juliana enjoys spending time with her partner and their Siberian Husky, eating Peruvian food, and traveling with her loved ones.

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