Chandrika Rao, MS

Senior Research Analyst

Chandrika Rao has been working as a Research Analyst with Applied Survey Research since March, 2012. Ms. Rao has worked on evaluations and assessments in the areas of school readiness, youth program development and summer math programs. Some of her recent projects include an assessment of First 5 Contra Costa County’s Home Learning Environment, an evaluation of youth programs at Hollister Youth Alliance in San Benito County, and Sequoia Healthcare District’s Healthy Schools Initiative to implement a coordinated school health model.

Chandrika received her Master’s degree in Psycho-Social Rehabilitation in India and a Master’s degree in Health Sciences from Boise State University. Prior to joining ASR, Chandrika worked as a data management specialist at Silicon Valley Education Foundation for their summer math program. In addition to her work at ASR, Chandrika is also a member of the Board of Directors & Program Manager at Colorful Minds, a non-profit organization working with persons living with disabilities in developing countries to provide them with livelihood opportunities.

She is passionate about working for the causes of HIV prevention, traumatic brain injuries, physical disabilities and empowerment of these groups of people. Chandrika is an avid reader & a professional henna designer.