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Christina Branom

Director of Research and School Readiness

Dr. Branom joined ASR in 2013 and has directed a range of projects in psychology, education, and child development, specializing in early childhood and kindergarten readiness.

She is an expert in designing and implementing evaluations for community-based organizations. She uses a participatory approach to qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods designs to help partners understand and make meaning of data in order to drive change in their communities. At ASR, she has led kindergarten readiness assessments throughout the country, and as an evaluator for early childhood agencies, she has guided partners through strategic planning projects and evaluation design and implementation. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at national conferences, including the American Educational Research Association annual meeting.

Dr. Branom earned her MA in psychology from Stanford University and an MSW and PhD in social welfare from University of California, Berkeley.

Outside of the office, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with her husband and young daughter. She’s also a former competitive figure skater and an enthusiastic baseball fan.

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