Our staff is comprised of over 25 individuals across our Central Coast, Bay Area, and Sacramento locations. We have persons on staff that are bilingual/bicultural in Spanish and additional staff who speak Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Indonesian. We also work closely with partners for other frequent languages, including Vietnamese.

Jennifer Anderson-Ochoa, MIA
Senior Research Analyst I
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Susan Brutschy
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Connie Chu
Research and Administrative Assistant
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Paige Combs
Research and Administrative Assistant
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Casey Coneway, MPP
Project Manager
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James Connery, MBA
Project Manager
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Peter Connery
Vice President/CFO
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Jenna Gallant
Design and Research Assistant
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Marissa Jaross, MPH
Research Analyst II
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Michelle Luedtke
Senior Graphic Designer
and Central Coast General Manager
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Kristin Ko, BA
Project Manager
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Javier Salcedo
Senior Data Manager
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Christine VanDonge, Ph.D.
Senior Research Analyst
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Angie Aguirre, MPA
Senior Research Analyst II
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Nayeli Bernal, MPH
Senior Research Analyst
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Christina Branom, Ph.D.
Project Manager
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Kim Carpenter, Ph.D.
Project Manager II
and Bay Area General Manager

Lisa Colvig-Niclai, MA
Vice President of Evaluation
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John Connery
Senior Research Analyst
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Laura Connery
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Kendra Fisher
Research and Administrative Assistant
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Samantha Green, MSc
Project Manager
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Penelope Huang, Ph.D.
Director of Research
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Yoonyoung Kwak, Ph.D.
Senior Data Analyst
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Laura Petry, MSW
Senior Research Analyst
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Chandrika Rao, MS
Senior Research Analyst
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