Inessa Arutunyan

Research and administrative analyst

Inessa joined Applied Survey Research as an intern in September 2015, while a sociology graduate student at San Jose State University. She started out analyzing evaluation data for the Santa Clara Probation Department but quickly became a research and administrative analyst and now works on several different projects.

Inessa received a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from University of California, Santa Cruz in 2012. Her undergraduate research consisted of investigating the future implications of racial integration in California prisons in Johnson v. California (2005), focusing on case studies from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, inmate opinion, and secondary data from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Her graduate work focuses on AB 109: Public Safety Realignment of 2011, Proposition 47: Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act of 2014, the recent jail boom in California, and conditions in jails. 

When Inessa is not working, she is collecting data and writing her Master’s thesis, organizing in her community, and engaging in fulfilling conversations.