Holly Child, Ph.D.

project manager

Holly Child currently serves as a Research Analyst II at ASR. Prior to her position at ASR, she was a Research Associate/Program Manager at Children and Family Futures who runs the National Center for Substance Abuse and Child Welfare. In addition, Ms. Child previously worked as a Department Chair/Assistant Professor in the Criminal Justice Department at Saginaw Valley State University in Saginaw, MI, Director of the Crime and Justice Unit at the Center for Urban Studies at Wayne State University in Detroit, Research Associate with the Center for Criminal Justice Research at the University of Cincinnati, and as an Evaluator/Private Consultant for the CQI Department at Talbert House, a social services agency in Cincinnati.

Ms. Child has worked with numerous non-profit and government agencies on action planning and program improvement and through evaluation, training, and consultation. Her previous research and publication has focused on criminal justice systems and programming, collaborative problem-solving courts, youth prevention programs, substance use treatment programs, child welfare interventions, and other preventive or diversion-type programs.

Completed her PhD in Evaluation and Research with a Cognate in Criminal Justice and earned a B.S. and M.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL with honors. When she is not working, she enjoys traveling and exploring new places with her husband and two sons.