Who We Are

We are a seasoned, globally positioned team of professional development practitioners with decades of experience in grassroots development. We are committed to helping communities, aid agencies and governments to analyze problems and to design and implement lasting solutions that create resilient communities. We work as the international “wing” of Applied Survey Research (ASR), a nonprofit social research firm dedicated to conducting and using research to help our clients build better communities. Because we are not profit-seeking, we can offer rates that are significantly lower than other consulting groups. 

Our Areas of Specialty

We are happy to share our experience in multicultural international settings to assist at any phase of the project cycle, especially in the areas of:

  • Proposal writing;

  • Community needs assessment and asset mapping;
  • Strategic results planning for regions, agencies, initiatives and programs;
  • Grant portfolio development for funders;
  • Participatory rights-based program and project design;
  • Environmental sustainability strategy development;
  • Development of conceptual basis for particular issues, problems, conflicting situations, etc. (women, children, farmers)
  • Curriculum development;
  • Technical assistance and training;
  • Analysis of cost-benefit, return on investment, and monetization
  • Participatory monitoring and evaluation
  • Results-focused reporting (dashboards, scorecards, issue briefs, typical reports)